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Market & Technology Presentations


  • DO's and DON'Ts in Soymilk Production
  • Calcium Fortification of Soymilk
  • Soy Protein & Functionality in Dairy Alternatives
  • Dairy Alternatives - Flavoring Alternatives - Low Carb Soymilk
  • Soymilk Processing Technology & Emulsion Stability
  • IP Soybean Sourcing for (Soy)Food Use
  • Soybean Dehulling Technology
  • Soy Protein & Soybean Oil Allergenicity
  • Soy Ingredients for Food Products
  • Basic Principals of Soy Flour, Concentrate, and Isolate
  • ProductionSoy Protein Concentrate Production & Functionalization
  • Production of Texturized Soy Protein Products
  • Soy Protein Applications in Food Products
  • Vegetable Oil Processing; Quality Criteria and Flavor Reversion
  • Oxidation Stability of Oils & Fats - Quality Criteria & Management
  • Enzymatic Modification of Oils & Fats
  • Hydrogenation and Formulation Basics


  • Optimizing Biodiesel Blends Based on Biodiesel Standards
  • Biodiesel composition based on the least cost raw material blend
    – a way to identify the ideal oil FAME composition for modern biodiesel


  • Full Fat Toasted Soy Production
  • Protein Dispersibility Index (PDI) - a tool to analyze the nutritional
    value of soybean meal


  • Soy: Origin, Market, Biotechnology & Applications
  • Drivers for Global Soybean Growth & Production
  • World Soymilk Market Review
  • Soy, Soy Ingredients & Soyfoods Market in Europe
  • The European Soyfoods Market: Growth Issues and Opportunities
  • Modern Soyfoods for African Markets
  • Business Outlook for Soybean oil: Food, Feed, Biodiesel & Technical Applications
  • Oils & Fats Market Statistics: Europe; U.S.A.; Maghreb
  • Identity Preserved (IP) Soybean Supply to the Food and Soyfood Industry
  • Traceability of Soybeans and Soy Products
  • Biotech and Health Claims Labeling and Traceability Issues
  • Market Opportunities for Soy Protein and Phytoestrogen Products
  • Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs): Labeling; Management
  • Biodiesel in Europe & the U.S.A.

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